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Player fixed odds betting offers betting on sports and horseracing with a huge range of options.

Fixed Odds Betting

With Fixed Odds betting you always know exactly how much you stand to win, once you have placed your bet. This is different from tote betting, where final returns are not calculated until after the completion of an event. All Fixed Odds are quoted for a $1 investment. To calculate your return on any Fixed Odds bet, simply multiply the amount you have invested by the current odds displayed on the outcome you have selected. For example, if you bet $5 on an outcome which is paying $10.00, your total return would be $5 x $10 = $50.00.

Footo and Tipping

As well as an extensive range of Fixed Odds betting, Player Sports Betting will continue to offer tote sportsbetting. Footo, a novelty football bet which requires punters to nominate which team will win and in what margin bracket the result will fall, is available on all AFL and WAFL games. In addition, three football tipping pools are available on each home and away round of the season;

Footy Tip 8On the 8 weekly AFL games. Betting closes at commencement of opening game, usually 5:40pm Friday.
Footy Tip 11On the weekly AFL and WAFL games, excluding the opening game(s)of the round (usually on Friday night). If there is a WAFL game on Friday night as well as an AFL game, Tip 11 will become Tip 10. Betting closes 12:10pm Saturday.
Footy Tip 12On the 8 weekly AFL games and the 4 WAFL Games. Betting closes at commencement of opening AFL game, usually 5:40pm Friday.

In some weeks, due to fixturing inconsistencies, the number of games in the Footy Tipping pools may vary.

As per TAB regulations, in the event of a drawn match, only 20% of the net prize pool will be paid out. The remaining 80% of the net pool will jackpot into the same pool the following week.

There is also a weekly Tipping pool available on the English Premier League Soccer (EPL).

Minimum Bet

The minimum bet is $5.
The minimum each way bet is $5 each way for a total investment of $10.
The minimum multi bet value is $3.

'All In' Betting

Rules of betting under which all Fixed Odds betting is operated, except 'Win or Each Way' racing bets placed after the declaration of the Final Field. ('Refunds and Deductions').

In 'All In' betting, returns are guaranteed from the moment a bet is placed, but no refunds are paid on non-starters. The only time a refund is paid under 'All In' rules is when the event itself does not take place, in which case all wagers on all selections on that event are refunded in full.

Refunds and Deductions

Fixed Odds 'Win Only' or 'Each Way' betting is under rules of 'Refunds & Deductions' once Final Field has been declared. This means that once Final Field announced, refunds will be paid on scratchings and deductions may be taken from winning bets placed prior to a scratching.

Fixed Odds 'Win or Each Way' bets placed anytime before the declaration of Final Field are subject to 'All In' betting rules, not 'Refunds and Deductions'. In 'All In' betting, there are no refunds paid on scratchings and no deductions taken from winning bets.


What happens if I have a 'Head to Head' bet and the game is drawn?

In the case of a tie or dead heat, 'Head to Head' bets will be paid at 'half face value' of the ticket, which means you will receive half the amount you would have had your team won. In any event where you have the option of betting on the draw, such as 'Margin Betting', you will not receive any return unless you have bet on the draw.

What if my selection is withdrawn after I make my bet?

Fixed Odds is "All In" which means that there are no refunds on bets if your selection does not compete, unless the event does not take place, in which case all bets will be refunded.

What if my Thoroughbred, Harness or Greyhound selection is scratched after I make my bet?

Fixed Odds racing product, offered on Thoroughbred, Harness and Greyhound events operates under "All In" rules where bets are placed prior to the 'Final Field' being declared. However, Fixed Odds racing bets placed after the 'Final Field' declaration are governed by rules of 'Refunds and Deductions', which means refunds are paid on non starters and deductions may be taken from winning bets placed between declaration of 'Final Field' and scratching(s) occurring. To identify which Player racing markets are under 'Final Field' conditions, Player will include the term 'Final Field' in the event header.

What happens to my bet if an event is postponed?

If an event is postponed for a period up to three days, all bets will stand. If an event is postponed for a period longer than three days, all bets will be refunded and fresh betting on that event will be offered at a later date.

If the minimum Fixed Odds bet is $5.00, why is the minimum 'Each Way' bet $5.00 each way?

The term 'Each Way' represents two individual bets, a Win bet and a Place bet. Therefore any 'Each Way' bets must be made up of a Win bet of minimum $5.00 and a Place bet of minimum $5.00. That explains why bets of '$3.00 Each Way' are not accepted, despite the fact the total investment of those bets is in excess of $5.00.