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Favourite Numbers

The TAB's weekly numbers game.

Favourite Numbers is the TAB's weekly numbers game which closes at 8.45pm each Friday. The Favourite Number races are completed on Saturday. Results are displayed in agencies and inside the back page of Monday's West Australian.

Favourite Numbers Single Entry

Select seven numbers between 1 and 30 as your Favourite Numbers.

Systems Entry

To increase your chances you can select more than seven numbers. A systems entry can contain between eight and sixteen numbers.

What it Costs

Each Favourite Numbers entry with seven numbers costs 50 cents. Costs of combinations are provided below. The maximum selection of numbers per entry is 16.

No. of
selections on one entry
Number of
Total Cost
7 1 $0.50
8 8 $4.00
9 36 $18.00
10 120 $60.00
11 330 $165.00
12 792 $396.00
13 1,716 $858.00
14 3,432 $1,716.00
15 6,435 $3,217.50
16 11,440 $5,720.00

Mystery Favourite Numbers

To have a 'Pot Luck' Favourite Numbers bet, just place an unmarked ticket into the terminal. The TAB system will then randomly select two games of seven numbers for a total cost of $1.

You can also have a 'Systems Pot Luck' by marking how many numbers you would like, with a maximum of 16.

Winning Favourite Numbers

The Favourite Numbers dividend is declared and paid on each winning combination. The following table shows the number of combinations you receive for each number of correct selections.

No. of correct selections Number of winning combinations
7 1
8 8
9 36
10 120
11 330
12 792
13 1,716
14 3,432
15 6,435
16 11,440

How do the Favourite Numbers Win?

The Favourite Numbers, 1 through 30, are randomly allocated by computer to a group of forty races due to be run on Saturday. The remaining 10 races become the list of substitute races. If the TAB 'favourite' wins the race, the Favourite Number allocated to that race is a winning number. The TAB 'favourite' is the runner with the greatest value of win bets invested on it. The 'favourite' is announced by the TAB just prior to the race.


If there are less than seven winning Favourite Numbers or if no one selects seven winning numbers, then half the payout pool jackpots to the next week and the other half is paid to those with the next highest number of winning Favourite Numbers. Systems entries receive multiple dividends.

Dead Heats

In the case of the 'favourite' dead heating for first, the number allocated to that race is still a winning number.

Abandoned and Postponed Races

If a race is abandoned or postponed, then the Favourite Number allocated to it is reallocated to the first available race from the list of substitute races. It is possible that this race may have already been run.


If the favourite is scratched, the new favourite will be the runner with the next highest value of win bets on it.

Commission Rate

A commission rate of 25% is deducted from gross investments.