V75 is a game based on Swedish horse racing which boasts massive prize pools each and every week. Although based in Sweden, over 25 countries play V75 worldwide. Now powered in Australia by the TAB, V75online.com.au is a safe and secure way to play one of the world's biggest prize pools.

For as little as 10 cents per game and with a highest recorded win of $32 million, V75 online gives you the chance to Play Small but Win Big. You can take a scientific approach to picking your numbers however V75 is also commonly played as a numbers game. V75online.com.au is specifically designed to make it easy for you to play, all with the convenience of playing whenever and wherever you like online.


V75 generates massive prize pools of $13 million each and every week. On jackpot weekends you can play for well over $30 million in prize money! And the best news is you can play from as little as 10 cents.

The object of the game is to select 7 winning numbers from 7 rows. You can also win by correctly picking just 6 or even 5 winning numbers out of the 7 rows, each of these results pays a supplementary dividend. The successful numbers are then decided by the results of the corresponding Swedish horse races.

V75 is generally run every Saturday, you can play anytime from Wednesday until Saturday evening. Closing times for games vary but will generally be around 7pm WST, check the V75online.com.au each week to confirm.


V75 is not the only game you can play at V75online.com.au. V64 is similar to V75, but to win in this game you only need to pick the 6 winning numbers from 6 rows. You can also share in the winnings by picking just 5 or 4 winning numbers. Entries for V65 start from 20 cents.

V64 is generally run on Sundays, check the website each week to confirm opening and closing times to play.


The object of V65 is to select 6 winning numbers from 6 rows. You can also win by correctly picking 5 winning numbers out of the 6 rows, this pays a supplementary dividend. V65 games start from 20c.

V65 is generally run five times per week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Check the website each week to confirm opening and closing times to play.

Mystery Pick

In a rush? Not sure which numbers to take? Or just want to ride your luck? You can take a Mystery Pick.

With a Mystery Pick the computer system picks the numbers for you, not at random but on the basis of other customer's numbers. Just select how much you want to spend and a game will be generated for you that embraces a combination of both popular and lightly selected numbers.


With V75, V64 and V65, if no-one selects the winning combination or the dividend falls below a minimum threshold the prize pool jackpots. That means a huge prize pool the following week.